A Year In London

19-Jan-2019, a very fine evening, when I landed in London. I can’t speak in words how happy I was. It was a dream come true. 365 days and 365 events today sum up to an altogether another life I have lived here.

Not much time ago I got asked to work from the London office, the moment I got this option, it created a new spark in me to chase my life once again. I know when people move to London, they assume it altogether different life, My story is a little different. Today I feel like a home away from home here. London is beautiful, it attracts you with its colours, lights, streets, people and 100 other reasons and yet gives you a freedom to stay in a calm people-friendly environment. London is strange, It makes you a part of it and I wish the same.

First Apartment: I remember my first apartment was in Holborn. This picture explains it all.

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The city of dreams 🙆‍♂️

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The City Of Dreams
== London ==

Tue Story. London is the city of dreams. Evey evening with a view like this will make you fall in love with anything. It gives you the enthusiasm to start another chase.

Days past and the walk started to feel soo confident. Walks like below and thinking about how it all happened is itself gives you the confidence you need.

And this

You get that confidence you needed to chase another life.

Dude, I’m telling you, London is crazy. First six months I lived in central London (Thanks to my amazing Job), I can’t strain enough on how difficult that life is. Dude, It’s Central London! You get to walk in one of the most beautiful parts of the world and you have the beautiful lights and heart taking architecture of the city to capture in a frame.

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Yeh Dil Maange More!

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True, London makes you feel like home but the hardest truth is it’s not. When the time passes you start messing up your memories and you want to be with your past, your friends, your family, which you can’t get in anywhere. I got lucky and fulfilled my dream of taking my parents here. For over 45 days with them here, we all felt connected to London somehow! My parents loved it. With all another amazing series of events when I visited England and Scotland with my parents, the beauty we saw in people and the environment we all lived a small life in 45 days.

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When mom dad are in London 😍🥰

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You see, when you move somewhere you start living and it starts feeling like home. This is when I moved into my current home. And when you celebrate a festival at home it becomes more close to being called home. And another reason is the people I moved in with.

I made good friends. Thank you, London for this gift.

Well, as they say, you have to go through the worst to get the best, and that’s what my life has been so far. I’m glad I met you baby 😉

With all series of events, the memories, I’m happy to say I live in London and I love it here 🙂

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